End bullying. Love more.

We are blessed. From the moment we wake in the morning to the moment we lay our weary bodies to rest, not a single moment should go by without bestowing thanks on our blessings.

Food. Shelter. Warm. Clothing. Love. Controllable, tangible needs and desires.

Yet the blessings bestowed upon us our often in turmoil from harsh words and undue actions we impose on others.

Judgemental, shallow words and stereotypes; – words that hurt more than stones thrown.

Recent media of gay youth having committed suicide and teenagers succumbing to bully’s reign, overshadow the gifts we have been afforded.

The world needs more love, kindness and friendship.

Stop hatred. End bullying. Teach your children. Teach them again. Love them. Hug them every moment you can. Smile at a stranger; – someone’s yearning for your acceptance, fearless act of kindness.

RIP Amanda Todd.

About hotelgoddess

A Maritime girl living life to its fullest on the breathtaking West Coast. A hotel executive with a flair for sales and marketing, freelance writer and co-founder of Breathe Now, celebrating women. Marketer. Hotelier. Strategist. Dreamer. Life-long Learner. Sister. Get up, dress up, show up. @royalroads MBA alumni😻 about.me/hotelgoddess Life's mantra: well-behaved women rarely make history. "If you're coming to visit me, come anytime. If you're coming to see my house, make an appointment." hotelgoddess.ca
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